Examples of topics that I teach

  • How to do solution-focused brief therapy (SFT)
  • How to do single session therapy (SST)
  • How to do therapy online
  • How to use SFT to help couples
  • How to use SFT with children and adolescents
  • How to practice coaching in a solution-focused way
  • How to create happy workplaces
  • How to create happy schools
  • How to help people heal from trauma
  • How to teach SFT ideas to parents and teachers
  • How to use SFT when working with groups
  • How to apply SFT in psychiatric services

Languages I teach in

Finnish, English, Swedish and German

Study online

Familiarise yourself with my self-study courses. My courses will teach you the theory and practice of solution-focused therapy and show you how to apply the approach with diverse types of clients